Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eagles advance to NFC Title Game!!!!!


It wasn't Chuck Bednarik laying out Frank Gifford for 18 months in 1960, but it was good enough for me as the Eagles advanced to next weeks NFC title game against the Arizona Cardinals.

These are the same Cardinals owned by the same chump Bidwell family since 1932. Remember them? They claimed the 1925 title even though the lost it on the field to the Pottsville Maroons. Time for the curse of the Maroons to rear it's head next Sunday at 3:00 pm.

Final Thoughts on the Bowl Season

Once again 66 universities, the press, some coaches and a computer decided Florida is the best team in the country. David Jones of the Patriot-News outlines it best.

As I see it, the current economy will have to affect the ever expanding bowl line up. The Big Ten with two teams in BCS games and teams in 5 other bowl games shared over 40 million dollars. With that type of change floating around and conference that went 1-6 in the postseason, don't look for a playoff anytime soon.

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